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No more mountains of paperwork, no more searching through scattered emails, just a simple process.

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We’ve built an easy to use app that makes transporting your loads simple, hassle-free and completely transparent. How?


Live tracking while your cargo is on the move.

We use 4G real-time load tracking to show you exactly where your load is at all times


Vetted Transport Operators for compliance obligations.

Choose from a range of vetted drivers and see past ratings to ensure reliability and quality.


Centralised payments for easy invoicing.

Payment is kept in escrow until it has been delivered exactly where it should be.


Quick upload to notify local Transport Operators.

Upload a photo, dimensions, weight and delivery address to have drivers respond in a click.


Automatic insurance inclusion for peace of mind.

$3000 cargo insurance as standard, with the ability to add up to $500k more with a click.


Communicate directly with your Transport Operator.

Address any issues directly so you can be certain of your delivery time.

Say goodbye to:

  • Mountains of paperwork and emails

  • The confusion of multiple platforms

  • Unreliable drivers

  • Compliance headaches

  • Invoicing hassles

Load jobs

Live dashboard monitoring all booking, tracking, delivery and compliance details.

Fully automated delivery reports and seamless invoicing to decimate paperwork.

4G real-time load tracking so you can plan your resources down to the minute.*

Supports compliance with Chain of Responsibility

Customer service team ready and able to answer any questions about your load.

Vetting, qualification and rating of operators on every delivery for peace of mind.

Push notifications and messaging delivering all your information to the one place.

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