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Freightlancer is a combination of a marketplace and management system, but with a global reach. It's simplifying the supply chain for shippers and transport companies. Freightlancer services the mining, construction, tunnelling, rail, oil & gas industries, as well as adding the new service of providing rapid metro delivery with the network of over 30 million freelancers from the Freelancer.com global marketplace. Freightlancer facilitates the fast, reliable and cost efficient transport of freight while ensuring a high standard of compliance. Freightlancer is a subsidiary of Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN).
Freightlancer has been built by a team of shippers who have built a better way of working for Shippers and Transport Operators.
After personally experiencing the hassles, paperwork – and guesswork – of reliably transporting freight, combined with the upcoming pressures from the Chain of Responsibility updates, we decided Australia needs a better way to connect owners and operators like never before.
Welcome to the world of Freightlancer.
Since 2016 we've been perfecting this app to be simple to use, super reliable and convenient for all parties. If you've ever experienced hassles transporting freight, it's time to join us.
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