Can Freightlancer help me meet my Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations?

Yes! We’ve worked closely with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to make meeting the new CoR laws simple for drivers and Freight Owners. We built into our system the need for every person in the supply chain to take steps that prevent mass violations, overloading and dimension/fatigue/speed offences using a combination of smart features.

Fatigue Management
To ensure drivers comply with work/rest hours, our GPS signals track their movements and can use automated messaging to alert the driver and transport company if they need to take a break. We’re also working on another feature requiring drivers to confirm at time of accepting a load that they have the available hours required to complete the job.

Speed Management
Using the same GPS tracking as above, we can monitor a driver’s speed and alert them, and the transport company, if they are going too fast.

Load Restraint
Our document framework, made available to all drivers upon registration, includes the recently released NTC guidelines for lashing procedures. These require drivers to take photos that prove correct placing and that they have made sure to conform with the restraints have been used on collection of the load. Conversely, Freight Owners to confirm placing and lashing were correct on delivery. Drivers should receive automated reminders to ensure this task does not get missed.

Mass Management
Upon registration, Freightlancer requests each transport company to provide their policies and procedures for mass management. It is the Freight Owner’s responsibility when posting a load to confirm the weights provided in the post are true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. To assist in providing accurate information, in addition to photos of the load item, Freight Owners may upload diagrams or spec sheet attachments in any file format when posting a load to Freightlancer.

29 May 2018


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